Complicated Lady

by The Harvey Girls

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Released October 28, 2014 on Circle Into Square ( You can order a limited edition vinyl copy here:


released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


The Harvey Girls Portland, Oregon

Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke formed The Harvey Girls in August of 2003 in Lawrence, Kansas. The group combine the... melodies of bubblegum pop with experimentation in sound. Their music stands as a cross between Prince Paul's production work and the songs of the Shangri-Las. The couple moved to Portland, OR, in 2006 where they remain. Josh Millard joins the couple in their live shows. ... more

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Track Name: Cold Blooded
What was I thinking? I've watched the way you operate,
shrugging your shoulders when the patient can't be saved.
Burying what's left behind in a hole without a stone.
Moving on down the next road -- you never like to be alone.

Cold blooded, it's so easy for you now
to walk away from every promise that you made.
Cold blooded, do you feel the smallest spark?
Or were you born this way, with winter in your heart.

All the ones you left behind, and those you walk forward to
A book of shadows none will read -- not even you.
We saw your true face and draw it in the dark
So like a flood, you rise upon us, leaving only your black mark.

Cold blooded, it's so easy for you now
to walk away from every promise that you made.
Cold blooded, do you feel the smallest spark?
Or were you born this way, with winter in your heart.

Oh kindest mother, won't you light a way for us?
Count out our sorrows and console our bitter loss.
Sisters, forgive my pride, to think I stood alone --
truly loved -- when our bed was built of wreckage, blood, and bone.

Cold blooded, it's so easy for you now
to walk away from every promise that you made.
Cold blooded, can you feel the smallest spark?
Or were you born this way, with winter in your heart.
Track Name: Complicated Lady
You want pretty, un-self-aware prey
to hunt and to slay --
that's not who I am, dear.

You want innocence to corrupt
dreams to interrupt --
you won't find them here.

They were all lost long ago
to men better than you'll ever know
and I can't say at this point
that I'm sad to see them go.

No, the stars need not align.
There's no love for you to find
though you don't even seem to mind
or notice it at all --

because if I'm your latest complicated lady
the secret you keep shady
know that my gold's been hidden deep
and it was never yours to keep.

Though you've been a bit of comfort
a little warmth to see me through
there's no end game, I'm unashamed
of all those little dirty things we do.

So go find some sweet Sally --
a simple girl to marry.
Hide your flaming heart from her
I promise I won't say a word.
Track Name: Daddy O Daddy
Daddy, o daddy, when you wanted me
I was little and sweet, I was little and sweet.
Now I'm bigger than the sun and I give off more heat
and you're stranded at sea, you're aching for me.

Daddy, o daddy when I needed you
you never came through, you never came through.
Now you're older than the Bible and the demons I slew
while I prayed for you, and waited for you.

But a funny thing happened on the way to your heaven --
it was taken from you, it was stolen from you.
Now we've got a lot in common; it surprises me, too.
I think you love me, I think I love you.

It's a cold war peace we've brokered between us.
We're diplomats from different pasts and both could be true.
(Except for the part where no one believes us --
cause there's only one God, and for years it was you.)

Daddy, o daddy when I lived with you
I was bitter and bruised, thoroughly used.
Now I eat bitches for breakfast and they go down so smooth
but I still look for you, and hunger for you.

Daddy, o daddy now you're all alone.
The beautiful girls you loved are all gone.
The boys you used to brawl, they've all moved on.
Your sun is set, your little girl will never claim your throne.

It's a hard won peace between a king and an exile.
You're deposed, and I'm exposed in cold and hard lands.
But when we talk late at night it's like a warming fire
a language -- a love -- no one else could understand.

Daddy, you want me, except when you don't.
Daddy, I forgive you, except when I won't.
Daddy, we're monsters, but we're broken by them, too.
Daddy, you love me, just the way I love you.
Track Name: Wedding Night
Hat low over your eyes, that big engine gunning --
I leaned into your window, I said baby why you running?
Come on now, come on now.

The river's calling like a town full of criers
talking about my white dress and my belly beneath rising.
Come on now, it’s our wedding night, wedding night.

Walk now beside me in the woods soft and lovely,
through the snow of the moonlight to the river deep and hungry.
Walk on down, walk on down.

Lay down beside me, say those pretty things you said,
wrap your arms around me and I’ll make our wedding bed.
Lay you down on our wedding night, wedding night.

Silver the starlight threaded through the sky so dark.
Silver my token buried deep inside your heart.
Take it now, take it now.

The vow you made me on another night so black
took me from this river and now I will give you back.
I'll give you now, give you now.

I’ll take your son to meet you down by the water.
He will never break a promise to another mother’s daughter.
This I vow on our wedding night, wedding night, wedding night.
Track Name: Coy
Oh my stars and garters,
what a sunny smile at me!
It's a gray day in December
but your shine is all I see.

Good god you look delicious
like a cupcake under glass
with a sign that reads verboten
but a price that's just been slashed.

It's the dance we do that thrills me
it's your every subtle ploy
but it's time to own up baby
you can't keep playing so damn coy.

Oh you naughty baby
you've tied yourself onto the tracks
and you're screaming someone save me
but today I'm dressed in black.

So yes I'll pull your pigtail
and dip the end into my ink
just to write you filthy letters
the kind that drive a man to drink.

It's the look you throw that kills me
you're just like a little boy
but it's time to grow up baby
you can't keep playing so damn coy.
Track Name: Crawl Through Glass
I don't like to be an obvious girl.
I won't hang outside your house or hang outside my blouse.
I won't giggle to my girlfriends every time you saunter by.
I don't talk about desire -- I don't have that kind of time.

No dares or spin the bottle; what's happening’s not a game.
I sense your eyes all over me and know you feel the same.
So why make a lot of small talk when there's other things to make?
Why fake a bunch of bullshit when we've had all we can take?

When I would crawl through glass for a little taste of you,
walk through walls just to lay waste to you.
I'm not your little kitten, no, my claw's too sharp and fat.
I'll never call you baby cause you're too much man for that.

No I don't need a drink, I like to think with perfect crystal clarity
and fever speed of the dirty deeds I need you to do to me --
and all the pretty evil that I want to do to you
like an angel with a flaming sword I'm gonna run you through.

But I'm always dressed for church so you can take me home to mama,
carry salts inside my purse in case there's any drama;
I'm every inch respectable when that shit really counts,
but when I get you back inside I'm gonna wear you out.

Cause I would crawl through glass just to be a wife for you,
walk through walls to make a perfect life for you --
where beds get made and bills get paid but nights when we're at home
our lights and phones and clothes are off and we’re always alone.
Track Name: Undone
Find me quick
daylight’s almost done
tracks fade fast
one rain and they’re gone

Never asked for anything.
I'm too fond of surprise
Fast escapes and cutting strings
Why walk when I can fly?

lost in space your silence made
I float to the sun
drifting by and burning dry
til we’re undone
my heart is a broken cup
[we feel the thirst but
one is never enough]
drain it dry
and i am all undone

call your wolves
cover miles to me
moonrise soon
you know where I’ll be

see me twist and dance
in each shadow that you pass
the flame in me
burning free at last

lost in space your silence made
I float to the sun
drifting by and burning dry
til we’re all undone
your heart is a broken cup
[we feel the thirst but
one is never enough]
drain it dry
and we’re all undone
Track Name: Faking It
They say fake it till you make it
but what if you never do?
And the world that you've been dreaming of
stays hidden from your view.

I was pretty, very briefly
and monsters noticed, chiefly.
And like shy pretty girls before me
I escaped into sweet stories --

where the damsel's in a white dress
tied up and in distress,
but her wit's so sharp and clever
she wins happiness forever.

I learned to blot the world from view
the awful things that people do
the awful things they did to me
the awful girl I / came to be.

They say fake it till you make it
so I pretended to be fine.
But I could not sell the story
it simply wasn't mine.

Now it's a dress. that. won't. fit.
but I must go on wearing it.
There's no cash for other dresses
I've made too many messes --

slept through all of the alarms
burned through all of my charms
and thought I had a good excuse
but it's the kind that monsters use.

So if my smile is somewhat brittle
you see it matters very little.
Everyone already knows
I'm not the woman I supposed.

They say fake it till you make it
but what they never say
is that fake things are cold comfort
when dreams at last give way.
Track Name: Night on the Town
No I can't stand to be so damn bitchy
but your antics make me kind of twitchy
all too clearly something strange and sketchy's
happening here.

No I don't want to cramp your swagger
but when it's seven you start to stagger
and on toward eleven you look so haggard
I feel fear.

A shot of regret, the scent of flop sweat
as the evening keeps falling apart
our friends, sympathetic or outright contemptuous
their stares like a knife in my heart.

Yes here's my thousandth stern iteration
my bag's packed for an extended vacation
I tell you firmly, with no hesitation
I'm moving on.

Then you grab my waist and you kiss me
you taste like smoke and potent whiskey
and drinking from you makes me so damn dizzy
that I drown.

A bite of despair, your hand in my hair
as morning arrives like a freight train
my steely resolve's melted into a blob
and I'm certain I'm going insane.

Then I awake and stare at you
your sad, still handsome face
knowing well that I must leave
yet frozen into place.
Oh I wonder where's my underwear
should I leave you one last kiss?
Oh I wonder whether if you'll ever
love me -- love you -- love us
more than you love this.
Track Name: Fly
Had a fat fly buzzing round my head.
I waited till he landed on the window's edge.
He delicately scaled the screen and danced along the ledge
till I trapped him on the cold side of the glass instead.

He buzzed around pointlessly and banged his head all day.
I’ve killed half a dozen others of his kind this way.
I'm a spider and this is my black web
but it's not the only one that's hanging round your head.

I sit in one room, you sit in another.
Sleep with your back turned to me like a brother.
When I call you on it you swear that you're going to change
but you're crawling round the wrong side of a frozen window pane.

Once you took me in your arms and there I flew.
My soul was free but chose to be at home with you.
Now I feel your hands on me but where are you?
You've flown, moved on, you've long been gone, and I'm lost too --

until I find a random thread, and start to roll and weave.
Unravelling the past, the heart I wear upon my sleeve.
From them I make a story of a war with no reprieve
that fills the sky with fire till there's no one left to grieve.

But you don't want to hear it, you insist we're doing fine
even as the ceiling caves with us still trapped inside
even as the sun falls and the night is still as death
even as the air thins so that you can't catch your breath.

I take the sofa and you take our bed.
Staring at the ceiling like a man already dead.
Swear I hear you calling every time I pass your way
but the signal's breaking and the words keep fading...
Track Name: The Long Haul
I got what I wanted --
a quiet phone.
The world's surprisingly amenable
to leaving me the hell alone.

They're just calls for appointments
with counselors of grief.
Doctors who discuss with you
the beast that has me in its teeth.

You're built for this, the long haul
a walk along the Great Wall.
It's a lie to say it's seen it from space.
They tell it cause they fear the place.

You're good at this, the hard vow.
The promise you won't break now
even though I'm broke in two.
It's not what men who mean vows do.

I got what I wanted --
a silent door.
Even friends who love us
don't come by anymore.

I can't bear to let them see me
with my weeds all overgrown.
So you fill our rooms with music
so I won't feel alone.

You're built for this, the long haul.
Collecting leaves as they fall
to record my memories
before they all slip far from me.

You're good at this, the hard vow.
The dream that lives on somehow
in kingdoms that you build for me
with words at last I can believe.